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Day Tripping

Posted on February 9, 2017 | By Porsche Reid

You feel the need to get away but don’t have a ton of time off, what do you do? My suggestion, take a day trip. This requires as much and as little planning as you like. There are so many ways to do the day trip it’s encouraging.

I live in Los Angeles and most recently I had one planned to San Francisco. It’s a 45 minute plane ride away, add the 1 hour check in time and it’s about the same as a drive to northern San Diego. I waited for a big sale on flights and paid $99 for a roundtrip ticket. Then I checked out tours, restaurants, museums and shows and finally settled on an itinerary that fit my travel style and headed out. It was perfect because I didn’t need to check a bag and it was a nice feeling to walk on and then right off the plane, out the door and onto some cool explorations.

That trip took some planning and time. You can also be spontaneous about it. There are plenty of close towns with beautiful downtown areas to explore, big cities with acclaimed museums and festivals and rural areas with wineries and tasting rooms to check out. A drive, train ride or 45 minute plane ride can pull you out of your everyday and into a daytrip full of adventure.

And lastly I suggest being a tourist in your own city. Get a ticket to a Hop on Hop off bus tour, there are things your tour guide can teach you about what happened 100 years ago, on a seemingly random corner that changed the course of history for that city. Find a food tour to discover a new restaurant that you might want to visit again and again. Take a ride on that tour boat; it’s always nice to get a different perspective of something you have always looked at from only one angle, like from land. Anyway you decide, by air, 2 hours away by train or 20 minutes away in your own back yard greatly consider the day trip as an escape from the everyday when you don’t have a lot of time to get away.

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